Flame Penguin Scales are obtained by shearing Flame Penguins, and are used in crafting all four pieces of Flame Penguin armor as well as the Flame Penguin Repeater. Flame Penguins cannot be sheared unless they are not angry, which is possible but difficult. See the main article on them for more details.


Flame Penguin Mask

2012-02-25 18.07.38

Flame Penguin Chestplate

2012-02-25 18.07.08

Flame Penguin Leggings

2012-02-25 18.06.19

Flame Penguin Flippers

2012-02-25 18.07.59

Flame Penguin Repeater

2012-02-25 18.10.35

Version HistoryEdit

1.1c: Introduced.

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